Last minute notice: “Whatever is to become of books?” Saturday, September 17, 2011

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Whatever is to become of books?

Saturday, September 17, 2011 from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM (GMT)

London, United Kingdom

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Sojournposse will soon be hosting another Inspiration Room event at The London Design Festival 2011 on 17 September at University College London. The theme, “Whatever is to become of books?”, addresses the future of books as the placeholder of ideas in the digital age. Now that we consume information online and in downloads, what would happen to storytelling? Are we ready for a life without books? The seminar will pool contributions from book publishers, designers and multimedia storytellers.

Featured in this video clip is “Homer”, a book scanner constructed by digital anthropologists using a digital camera, a recycled box and a piece of glass from Poundland shop powered an open source software used by Google Books and a laptop. This digital nod to the Gutenberg press is used to scan the King James I bible, marking the 400th anniversary of the completion of the authorised version in 1611. This is in line with the festival’s main showcase at St Paul’s Cathedral.

This event is backed by Department of Anthropology, University College London, in support of the masters programmes targeted at the design, creative and advertising communities: MSc Digital Anthropology, MA Material & Visual Culture, and MA Materials, Culture & Design. 

Venue: Department of Anthropology, UCL, 14 Taviton St, WC1H 0BW, London. Contact: Twitter:@sojournpossef8.

Looks like a very cool event.  We’ll try to post about it after the fact as well.

More details:


10.15am – Registration.

Sojournposse Multimedia Presentation: Whatever is to become of books? 
Presenting multimedia showcase on the changing landscape of books by Sojournposse storytellers and photographers.

10.45am – Is this the Gutenberg machine of the 21st century? Presenting project Homer. By inventors of the Department of Anthropology, University College London.

11.00am – SESSION 2 – THE MEDIUM
Theme: Whatever is to become of books? Paper books vs digital books.
Discussion topics: Digitisation of books is necessary to facilitate knowledge transfer.  The consumers’ attachment to printed books. The rising trend of photobook appreciation among photographers and storytellers. T
raditional storytelling experience enhanced by digitality.

Speakers: Dr. Aquiles Alencar-Brayner (The British Library)Teresa Pereira (Blurb Books) Angus Phillips (Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies)Matt Johnston (Photo Book Club)Moderator: Zarina Holmes, creative director Sojournposse. 

10-minutes Q&A session with audience.

Chocolates by Paul Wayne Gregory Chocolates. 

The Comics Grid multimedia presentation.

Theme: How to tell stories today via the digital medium. 
Discussion topics: Social media breaks down the traditional barriers in publishing. Digitisation could compromise content integrity, and also leads to issues relating to copyright and plagiarism. Bloggers vs mainstream media. What is the new narrative? 

Speakers: Sam Syed & Jacob Nordström (Mag+). Emilia Spitz & Linda Uruchurtu (The Ballet Bag)Marcus Gilroy-Ware (Not On The Wires). Fiona Swarbrick (NUJ Books & Magazine Division)Moderator: Kevin Biderman, Digital Anthropology, University College London.

10-minutes Q&A session with audience. 

Chocolates by Paul Wayne Gregory Chocolates. 


Supporting 3/11 Tsunami Photo Project

This event is also done in support of the innovative 3/11 Tsunami Photo Project, to help the victims of the Japanese quake in March 2011. You can purchase the iPhone app here or on iTunes. £1 will be donated to the 3/11 Tsunami Photo Project. “Whatever is to become of books?” is a non-profit event.

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Call for speakers: World e-Reading Congress, May 15-17 2012 London

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The World e-Reading Congress 2012 is dedicated to equipping book, newspaper and magazine publishers with the intelligence and strategic insight to overcome the commercial, partnership, retail and distribution challenges inherent within the transition to digital.

The World e-Reading Congress 2012 will focus on:

  • Accelerating in to the digital space
  • Determining the economics of innovation
  • Finding new markets for digital content
  • Harnessing new distribution channels
  • Driving consumers to the point of sale …and many more topics…

» Download a prospectus for more information – Download the E-Reading Prospectus

Share your experience – join the global publishing community and digital stakeholders: Contact Rebecca Mantle for more details:

The conference agenda is currently being finalised and we’re interested in hearing from pioneering publishers and solution providers with specialist experience, to join our world-class speaker faculty.

The speaker line-up already includes:

  • Ravi Dhariwal, CEO, Times of India
  • Santiago De La Mora, Director of Print Content Services, Google
  • Farzad Jarmal, Digital Director and Group Internet Controller, Northern & Shell
  • Oscar Grut, Managing Director, Digital Editions & Group General Counsel, The Economist
  • Gerd Leonhard, CEO, The Futures Agency
  • Juan Lopez-Valcarcel, Director, Digital Product and Consumer Technology, Pearson PLC

Publishers attend The World e-Reading Congress to:

  • Leverage the booming device market as a tool to compel buy-in
  • Balance the economics of eBook acquisition, production and investment strategies
  • Overcome threat posed by volume, speed and efficiency of aggregated content
  • Profit from the widespread demand for English language/translated content in the global market
  • Deliver customizable and engaging opportunities to advertisers that will bring return
  • Engage strategies to make content engaging and discoverable

To discuss speaking opportunities in more detail please contact by end of business 16th September:
Rebecca Mantle, Project Director
+44 (0) 207 092 1194

New Book Media listing for World e-reading Congress here

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ALA Annual 2011: Ebooks: New Strategy Required, Now

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(Reported by Heather McCormack for Library Journal on June 26th:) A sign of a good panel in New Orleans is one that snaps you out of heat exhaustion and a sugar coma, if only for 20 minutes. Saturday afternoon at ALA, I took in “The Future Is Now!: Ebooks and Their Increasing Impact on Library Services,” one of a handful of sessions at this year’s annual conference on a highly charged issue facing both librarians and book publishers.

Four panelists spoke in succession: Bob Bocher, Library Technology Consultant with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Division for Libraries, Technology and Community Learning; Jamie LaRue, director of Douglas County (CO) Libraries; Chris Harris, coordinator of School Library Systems, Genesee Valley BOCES; Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive; and Peter Brantley, director of the Bookserver Project at the Internet Archive.

Their messages represent what I’ve come to view as archetypes in the debate; in other words, we’ve heard it all before in other forums, but the reiterations are important because—as the standing-room and sitting-on-the-floor-under-the-projection-screen turnout indicated—librarians are still hungry for information on how to launch and build the best ebook collections possible.

Read the complete story at See LJ’s ALA Conferences site for complete coverage of ALA 2011.

From left to right, Bocher, Harris, Brantley, LaRue, and Kahle




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Baker & Taylor and Barnes & Noble Partner to Build Library Access Via NOOK™ Devices

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Announced at the American Library Association meeting in New Orleans June 24: NOOK ereaders will be featured devices on Axis 360, Baker & Taylor’s  digital media circulation and management platform.

Starting this fall, patrons at Axis 360-powered libraries will be able to check out ebooks to read on their personal NOOK devices. From Axis 360, patrons will also have a link to the Barnes & Noble online store for purchasing digital content and physical products.

According to the press release issues by both companies, “librarians and patrons at Axis 360-powered libraries will also have access to EPUB and spoken word audio titles, as well as a patron reviews module that will allow users to contribute book reviews and assign star ratings to titles to be shared within a library system or with other Axis 360 participating libraries.”

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Amazon Tablet PC coming soon….

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Amazon is preparing to launch tablet PC models “as soon as August-September, with targeted global sales of four million units for 2011…. Monthly shipments are expected to be 700,000-800,000 units,” DigiTimes reported, citing Taiwan-based component makers.

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Google ebooks adds an affiliate program

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On Thursday, June 16,  Google officially launched its eBooks affiliate program, through which retailers, bloggers, book publishers and other website owners in the U.S. “can link to Google eBooks on their sites for any of the hundreds of thousands of titles available for sale, earning a commission for referring sales to the Google eBookstore,” wrote Pratip Banerji, Google Books team product manager, on the Inside Google Books blog. A beta version of the affiliates program was introduced last December with Goodreads. Potential affiliates must join the Google AdSense program and be approved, then join the Google Affiliate Network program and be approved, before signing up as a Google eBooks affiliate.


According to Google: “Google eBooks affiliates become part of the Google Affiliate Network (GAN). After joining GAN, you can subscribe to the Google eBooks product feed to get links to the full set of available Google eBooks. If you want to query a more targeted set of ebooks you can use the new Google Books APIs.”

ZDNet noted that Google “would seem to be a bit late to the affiliate game, but the e-book effort comes as Amazon has been cutting affiliates as states push the e-tailer to collect taxes.”

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